Custom Nightguard

Non-invasive treatment for TMD/TMJ

TMD — an abbreviation for Temporomandibular disorders, describes a group of conditions characterized by pain and dysfunction of the TMJ and/or the surrounding muscles. As with any other joint, the TMJ can be subject to orthopedic problems including inflammation, sore muscles, strained tendons and ligaments, and disk problems.

While there are multiple treatment options for TMD problems, many dentists will call on us to create TMD/TMJ splints or guards for their patients. Our custom guards are designed to lesson your patients' pain and absorb the tension that can result from clenching and grinding.

Relieve the Pain with a Superior Product

If a custom guard is what your patient needs, look no further than Mike's Superior Dental Lab. Our nightguards are made of Lucitone 199, custom waxed and heat-cured with two ball clasps for superior retention. Our process renders a guard with a fit and quality that is superior to suck-down or cold-cured guards. We create a variety of nightguards with varied surfaces to meet the specific needs of your patient.

Hard, Soft and Combination Nightguards: If your patient feels soreness and stiffness upon waking up in the morning, it's often related to habits such as clenching and/or grinding the teeth at night. Our nightguards fit perfectly and provide your patient the relief from the force applied to their teeth, which will in turn allow the muscles to relax and relieve pressure on jaw joints.

Dayguards: Do you have patients that clench and grind during the day? We also make daytime guards. Our dayguards are reinforced with a strengthening bar, providing continuous support throughout the day. Let us demonstrate the value of our TMD/TMJ products. Improve the quality of your patients' lives with one of our custom made day or nightguards. Have any questions? Call and ask to speak to Mike!

Learn more about available treatment options: Chart on TMD Therapy

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