Mike's Superior Dental Lab

Superior Quality, Timeliness, Competitive Prices

Mike's Superior Dental Lab is a small, family-owned and operated dental laboratory. We're small, but we're mighty. Our little specialty lab continues to grow because we create beautiful removable dental appliances, we deliver on-time consistently, and offer our customer dentists a great value with our competitive prices.

We are Superior because we know what matters...

We take pride in our products, and use only the finest raw materials and detail-oriented artisan technique in their fabrication. If you have uncompromising standards for quality and are seeking a patient-centered dental laboratory that delivers superior products, then you've come to the right place.

Give us a try! You will be proud to deliver superior products to your patients, and they will be happy with their restored smiles. We know what's important. Happy patients deliver more referrals to your practice and those referrals become more work that you can entrust to us. So, as we see it, our success is contingent upon yours... and at the center of it all, is your patients' happiness.

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